The Bandit Project – a gaming adventure that combines earning, playing, and community ownership all in one! With the power of NFTs, players can now compound their daily rewards for a higher payout and bigger stake in the action. But that’s not all – gather your own gang of NFTs and strategize with your crew to dominate the game! This new feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities, giving you the chance to level up and reign supreme in the Bandit Project universe. Are you ready to take on the challenge and become a legend? Join the Bandit Project now and find out!

3000 NFT Limited Collection

Join the revolutionary Bandit Project, an elite group of 3,000 extraordinary NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. NFTs, that rewards players with up to 200% returns in $BANDIT!


Once your NFT is created, your capital is permanently locked. NFTS will begin to earn you 1%, 1.5%, or 2% daily return of your locked value. Each NFT or “crew member” can generate up to 10,000 $BANDIT tokens before retiring.

Compounding your daily earnings or adding more $BANDIT tokens into your NFT will increase your daily return and max payout.

Once your NFT has been minted, the rarity will be revealed, which could lead to higher earning percentages of 1.5% or 2% daily ROI

What's Next?

earn $BANDIT

compound to max payout

play stash house

+ way more...