Meet $BANDIT, the utility token within the The Bandit Project!

A BEP-20 utility token located on the Binance Smart Chain


The Black Market is a Decentralized Exchange (Powered by Pancake Swap) where users can buy or sell $BANDIT tokens in exchange for their BNB or BUSD

$BANDIT is a BEP-20 utility token at the center of The Bandit Project economy. Players can use $BANDIT to swap in and out of BNB

  • $BANDIT can be swapped from or to BNB.
  • $BANDIT can be staked into NFT’s where NFT holders can double their $BANDIT tokens, which they can exchange for Dinero.
  • $BANDIT can be traded in the market.

No, rarity doesn’t affect the amount of $BANDIT holders can yield and as seen in the pools staking mechanism, the only difference in rarity is that you will get your 200% return faster.

Yes, the NFT’s allow you to stake $BANDIT and in return the NFT’s will pay you back 200% of your stake amount at 1-2% daily. Only 3000 NFT’s are available.

Yes, when staking or un-staking from a pool you will need to pay a 10% tax fee in $BANDIT plus the gas fees in $BNB.

The project is able to expand and continue operating thanks to these taxes.

  • Buy 10%
  • Sell 10%
  • NFT Claim 10%
  • Creates/Deposits NFT 10%
  • NFT Compounds 5%
  • Transfers 10%